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Jeanneau Performance

Although Jeanneau are primarily known for well performing family blue water cruising yachts, the range also consists of the Sunfast 3200, of which there are now four in Australia.  This boat is consistently identified as being under rated by those lucky enough to get a sail on one.  They are proving themselves in Europe as top performers in such illustrious races as the 2011 Transquadra (18 S.F.3200 entries)  the 2010 Marseille Race week (1st) La Rochelle race week (1st) the 2009 double handed Transquadra (2nd) the round Corsica (1st overall)  plus many race wins in Norway, Sweden, Spain, Russia, and the UK.

Test sails have shown the 3200 holding 6.2 to 6.4kts upwind with no hikers, in 9 to 14 true.   Good acceleration out of the tack and settles easily.  The designer, Daniel Andrieu was instructed to consider IRC when designing the Sun Fast 3200 and in Europe they are racing under class rules.

The Jeanneau product development team are well aware that Australians and New Zealanders treat their sailing on average, more competitively than the Europeans, and to that end have had many discussions with us about what the Antipodean Yachtsmen and Women expect from their boats.  When we ask our customers what they want in a yacht, the over whelming response is always, “fast, comfortable, good looking and safe”. 

The performance option is constantly being upgraded and now contains three performance options in most  models.  Standard rig, (Classic mast with 106% overlap jib)  Performance Plus, ( fully battened main 140% overlap headsail) and performance self tacking.  The self tacking option is available with a twin foil and a code zero headsail. 

We are seeing our market share increase as competitive yacht buyers, who would have previously looked at our more race aligned competitors, see the performance upgrades and new underwater shapes putting Jeanneau in front of many, previously considered faster yachts over the finish line.


Mooloolaba Yacht Brokers and European Yachting Pty Ltd.


As from this month, we are pleased to advise that as M.Y.B.  now has sub Dealers for Jeanneau and Nautitech Catamarans in Manly, Mooloolaba, Airlie Beach and Port Moresby, the new boat division will be known by the name European Yachting.  The core business of Mooloolaba Yacht Brokers remains the same and the new name is to better identify the various divisions.

Mooloolaba Yacht Brokers  is one of the longest established Marine Brokerages in Australia.  Operating from the same Marina since 1984 and only having been  operated by only four different  Owners  in twenty seven years.  When the current Owner, Ian Douglas  took over in 1994, the business tools were a 35mm film camera, a day book, one phone, (not mobile)  a plastic box of index cards, and a facsimile machine.

A few years later,  a German Yachtsman who was living on board his Yacht in the Marina, came to the office and asked if he could try out a new method of selling boats he had been working on.  We agreed to let him and so Yachthub was born.

Eight years ago we were awarded the coveted Queensland distributorship for Jeanneau Yachts and have been representing the marque ever since.  In 1999, M.Y.B.  along with the other State Dealers for Jeanneau in Australia, formed the Australian Marine Network A.M.N.  to better service Jeanneau clients and Owners throughout Australia and the network has gone from strength to strength.

Earlier this month, SEYachting Qld signed the lease for their new sales office at East Coast Marina in Manly and have already sold two of the outstanding new 409s.

Brokerage of quality pre owned boats of all types will be listed and sold with experienced professionalism.  Marina Berth sales, and marine insurance are also a major part of our business and will remain so under the M.Y.B.  flag.

The Marketing and sales of new Jeanneau and Nautitech Catamarans will be under the banner of European Yachting.   More news to come in the next issue of Bow to Stern.


Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 44DS


The new Sun Odyssey 44DS is no less than a revolution.  The combination of a Philippe Briand designed hull and an interior and deck design by Franck Darnet has yielded a boat that is not only a joy to sail, but exceptionally comfortable.  All sheets are lead aft to the helm to make sail handling very simple for a shorthanded crew.  The cockpit sets the Deck Saloon range apart.  Long and spacious with dedicated areas for eating, relaxing and sailing.  Access to the water for swimming is via a wide step down transom which also includes an opening port for air and light to the aft stateroom.

The distinctive deck coamings and transom are accented in a taupe colour which gives the boat a completely individual look.  Down below, the large deck saloon windows bathe the Walnut interior in light.  Rich materials are found throughout.  Base boat $319,400 in water, SE Qld.


Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 409


The 409 is proving to be very quick and has the sailing characteristics of much more expensive and performance orientated yachts.  The first Queensland delivered 409 will be racing with the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron fleet by the time this goes to press so watch this space. 

The innovative deck layout has headsail and mainsail sheets being lead back to primary winches on both sides in easy reach of the helmsperson.  All lines are lead back under the coach roof to make moving about that much safer.

The 409 comes with a self-tacking headsail option, a standard 105% short overlap headsail, or as a performance version with a powerful 140% Genoa.  You also have the choice of a furling mainsail.


Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 439


At first glance, the 439 is clearly a Sun Odyssey, however the all new Sun Odyssey 439 reflects the latest design trend that started with the SO409.  Three main concepts shape the SO439, a fast seaworthy sailboat, simple to use deck and sail plans and a high quality interior.  The modern and user friendly deck plan was the result of a complete rethink of the ergonomics of sail handling.  All the sheets are lead back to the twin helm stations which remain clean and uncluttered.

The transom drops from the sailing position to make a large swim and boarding platform at anchor.  Light and air is allowed into the rich interior of the 439 via eight hull ports and eleven opening ports and flush hatches.  This model is also available with the new 360 docking system.   Base boat $299,000 in water, SE Qld


Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 509


Drawing on the latest technological advances in naval architecture and design, the Sun Odyssey 509 by Philippe Briand embodies all the aspects of the best of Jeanneau.   50’ 5” of power and grace.  Available in four interior layout options, there is a plan for every family and use.  The three cabin/two bathroom Owners version is a brilliant layout for comfort, and is designed for the long term cruiser who has occasional visitors on board.

At the other end of the spectrum is the five cabin version with four doubles and a twin.  This model has great appeal to the charter market.  Like her smaller sisters, she has had had special consideration given to sail handling and the helmsman can make all the necessary adjustments without leaving the wheels.

The 509 is one of those yachts that simply look right.  The size of the boat has bought all the components together so that the proportions and balance are spot on.  This yacht is a stunner and will turn heads on the racetrack, at anchor or crossing the bay.  Base boat  $437,726 in water, SE Qld.


Sun Odyssey 44DS


The 44DS has the Franck Darnet Interior fitted into a Philippe Briand Hull.  The two cabin/two bathroom layout is going to be very popular with smaller yachting families who are not keen on entertaining too many visitors at once.   The alternative layout is the three cabin/two bathroom, however the third cabin is a compact twin.  In both versions, the owners aft stateroom is typical of the Deck Saloon concept and has amazing volume and luxurious comfort


Sun Odyssey 409


Three layouts are available in the 409.  Three cabin/two bathroom, three cabin/one bathroom, and two cabin/one bathroom.  Once again this last version is ideal for a couple or small family with intentions of a quiet, visitor free cruise, while the first option sleeps six adults in comfort.  The saloon table drops to another double if cooking for eight is your want.

The two cabin/one bathroom version has an enormous storage cabin port aft and a larger than normal aft double cabin.  This is an ideal option for people wanting to stay away for months at a time.


Sun Odyssey 439


Two versions were selected by Philippe Briand in this yachts internal layout.  The first being three cabin/two bathroom and the second, three doubles, a twin/two bathroom.  The three cabin owners version has a magnificent island style double, separate shower and desk.  The L shaped galley is designed to be able to be used comfortably in any sea condition in complete safety.

Storage is abundant throughout the boat and she fits perfectly into the size range for extended comfortable cruising.


Sun Odyssey 509


Four layouts in the new 509, current Sun Odyssey Flagship.  Shown is the three cabin/two bathroom owner version, however a four cabin/four bathroom layout is also designed for the charter market or large family who don’t want to share bathrooms.  All versions other than the one shown have a full length fore and aft galley, whereas the owner’s, has the settees opposite for comfortable lounging.

There is also a four cabin version where the owner’s large forward stateroom remains and the fourth cabin is a twin aft of the galley.


At the 2011 Sydney International Boat Show, the Australian press, Jeanneau owners and the entire Australian Jeanneau dealer network gathered to witness the christening of the all-new Sun Odyssey 379.

Jean-Paul Chapeleau, (right)  Executive Director of Jeanneau, and Erik Stromberg, (left) Director of Sailboat Product Development, spoke at the event that brought together over 100 owners, press and industry representatives. 

Each of them emphasised this special 30-year anniversary of Jeanneau’s commitment to the Australian market.  “It was a bold decision to make the initial launch of a French-built yacht in Australia, a full month before its introduction in Europe,” said Erik Stromberg.  “After the success of the Sun Odyssey 409 last year, the Sun Odyssey 379 is a natural fit in the Australian market.”

Guest of honour, and godfather of the Sun Odyssey 379, Robert Steel spoke of his many exploits on numerous Sydney-Hobart races and cheered as champagne ( a little) was poured on the new yacht.

The Sun Odyssey 379 has also been nominated for the prestigious title of  ‘European Yacht of the Year 2011-2012.’

The interior of the SO509 as you would expect, is perfectly proportioned.  In the saloon forward of the galley is a 12 bottle wine cooler fridge, (it wouldn’t be French without it?) The curved edges and leather bound hand rails exclude luxury and with your choice of flooring, traditional teak and Holly, or light Oak, and a wide range of your choice of fabrics and colours ensure a boat that is to your style and taste, and a home away from home.


Jeanneau 53

The Sun Odyssey range ends at 50’, from there up, the Branding changes to become the J53 and J57.  (Cover shot this issue) These two models are more able to be customised and the Owners wishes are able to be complied with in additional equipment and alterations to the standard layout.  These two big boats of the Jeanneau range are true ocean voyagers.  The J53 has options such as electric operation of the transom garage door/swim platform, winches and furlers,  and retracting hydraulic passarelle.

Cabins are transformable from single to double with removable bulkheads so finding the right accommodation options for yourself and your guests is even more easily achieved.  This big powerful yacht is right at home from major blue water adventures, to a quick flick around the buoys on wags day with a few friends.  Base Boat $574,729 in water, SE Qld


Jeanneau 57


The current Flagship in the Jeanneau range.  This is a mini Superyacht.  With an overall length  of  58’4” a W.L.   Of 50’4” and a disp of 20,600 (light) she is an ocean greyhound.  Being another Philippe Briand design, her pedigree is flawless and her performance is game set and match.  Available in three basic layouts, and with many of the characteristics of her smaller Sister the J53, the J57 also has the stern garage, and layouts from two cabins, which as you can imagine in a boat nearly 60 feet long, are as big as your bedroom at home, to layouts with beds for eight and more. 

Sail handling and rig options and many and varied to suit your needs, from electric headsail and main furling, in mast, in boom, your choice.  The ways you can customise this yacht are endless. 

Powered by a new generation Volkswagen Marine Diesel TDI 140-5, which is so perfectly balanced, it`s virtually sound and vibration free.   Base boat $794,600 in water, SE Qld.


Nautitech Catamarans


From humble beginnings and originally built by Dufour, Nautitech Catamarans have grown under the leadership of Bruno Voisard to one of the World’s leading builders of fast blue water Catamarans.  In 2009, Nautitech took over C.I.M.  Shipyard which had been established in 1986 by Michel Dufour to build a range of Maxi yachts which now encompasses the Ocean Voyager Range of Catamarans, up to 82 feet, designed and built specifically for the World Charter market.  You will find these in premier day charter fleets in such diverse areas as Guadalupe, Bali, The Seychelles, and of course the Caribbean and Mediterranean.

The Nautitech Range is available from the N40 up to the new N54.  Six versions are offered and all but the N40 are offered in twin or single helm stations. 

European Yachting Pty Ltd/Mooloolaba Yacht Brokers is the Australian and New Zealand Importer and Distributor for The Nautitech range and have several available for inspection in Mooloolaba.


The popular N44 has been a best seller for Nautitech in the twin steering station version (N442) however many cat buyers prefer the traditional single steering.  Nautitech designers Marc Lombard and Mortain and Mavrikos were briefed and the range was reconfigured to accommodate the buyer’s wishes.  You now have the choice.  Pictured is the N441 cruising in the tropics.  Base Boat in water SE Qld  $731,556.


The saloon of the new N542 resembles the foyer of a luxury hotel.   From the world’s leading yacht interior designer, Franck Darnet, comes superb comfort combined with practical ocean going safety and usability.  From the owner’s version with its on ensuite and lounge, to the five cabin option, there is a layout to suit every requirement.   On world debut at the Cannes Boat Show this month, and two sold already, this medium to large catamaran is set to become the leader in looks with the typical French flair, being striking and subtle at the same time, and with the design pen being held by Marc Lombard, the catamaran world is assured of a yacht that will deliver exceptional performance.  Base boat in water SEQ.  $1,323,474


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For West Australian inquiries, contact Seagreen Marine, Freemantle on 0408 110679   Victoria, contact 38 South on 0419 345336.

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