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World First - Hybrid Production Powercat eco friendly, and low running costs Print E-mail

Leading Australian power catamaran manufacturer ‘Voyager Catamarans’ is showing the way again, being the first Australian boat builder to develop a hybrid-powered production Power Catamaran, utilising a combination of Diesel, Electric, and Solar power.

The Hybrid technology will allow vessels to move in and out of marinas, and through canals and waterways on electric propulsion at speeds of five to eight knots, with zero noise and zero emissions. When in open waters, the diesel motors can be used for long-distance, or high-speed cruising in excess of 20kts.

The Voyager  ‘V1040 Hybrid Explorer’ has been recognised by the Queensland Government as a significant development for Queensland’s marine industry and potential export earnings, and has also committed its support to the project which has the potential to lower average fuel consumption to around 10lt/hr.

The Voyager Hybrid system consists of electric motors integrated with each diesel engine, and running off high capacity battery banks.  Batteries will be recharged by the solar collectors, and while cruising on diesel power, or via shore power when the boat is returned to its moorings.  The whole system including batteries are constantly monitored and brought to the attention of the driver through an advanced colour LCD Control Monitor.

In addition to the advanced Hybrid Propulsion system, the Steyr diesels used by Voyager Catamarans are already 100% Bio-diesel ready, so as Bio-diesel becomes more available, and traditional fuels continue to rise in cost, owners will be able to save even more on their boating costs.

For more information, contactVoyager Catamarans

p: 07 32061732or check out their website at

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