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With the Sydney Boat Show behind us and the annual migration of boats to the north under way I have noticed an influx of customers requesting books about cruising the Mediterranean / West Indies and what qualifications are needed to charter both in the Med and the Caribbean. Two books that admirably cover these fabulous sailing areas are Andrea and Ian Treleaven’s books Letters from the Med and Letters from the Caribbean. On the question of sailing qualifications, charter companies now invariably ask to see a paper qualification rather than just taking a swing around the marina to gauge your seamanship skills.

I spoke to one of Sydney’s RYA schools and they recommend candidates looking for a qualification accepted in many European countries’ read the new RYA publication ICC Handbook (International Certificate of Competence) RRP $24.95. RYA schools then run a short assessment; the ICC covers boats up to 24m.

We stock many sail and rig trimming books for racing boats but a new RYA publication Sail Trim Handbook for Cruisers RRP 29.95 looks at improving cruising boats performance. Any boat will benefit from having sails set correctly, it will make your cruising safer, more comfortable and your boat sail faster. Armed with this clearly illustrated information, should enable you to make a quiet anchorage ahead of the tide or get to the yacht club bar first!

Springtime means boat covers are removed and plans are made for ‘fitting out’ for the new season. A new book Boat Maintenance RRP $27.95 will help you, whether you are new to boating or an old hand, to keep your boat in tip top shape. From repairing scratched and worn decks, to fixing engines and tightening fixings, every inch of the boat is covered.

All the books featured here are available from Boat Books Australia in store in Sydney and Melbourne or online or freephone

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