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Bow 2 Stern Online Magazine December 2014
European Yachting
European Yachting - Mooloolaba Yacht Brokers
Jeanneau Performance Although Jeanneau are primarily known for well performing family blue water cruising yachts, the range also consists of the Sunfast 3200, of which there are now four in Australia.  This boat is consistently identified as being under rated by those lucky enough to get a sail on one.  They are proving themselves in Europe as top performers in such illustrious races as the 2011 Transquadra (18 S.F.3200 entries)  the 2010 Marseille Race week (1st) La Rochelle...

by Barry Tyler        Seasickness, the bain of virtually everyone at some stage of their boating life, is a phenomenon that surprisingly, very few people fully understand. Out of a boat load of people you may be the only one who is feeling sick, or at least admitting to it, but the frustrating part about it all is you know not how it manifested, and even less about how to relieve the often very distressing symptoms.  Traditionally it will be in a rolling s...

Dangerous Marine Critters
By Rosemary Jilders - catamaran Sokari Queensland waters are cruised by a large number of boats every year as they migrate up and down the coast during the season.  The owners of many of these vessels are from southern climes so they may be unfamiliar with some of the creatures that inhabit our waterways and unaware that there are a lot that can really hurt us.  All boaties who cruise these waters should learn which ones you can touch, which ones you can’t and what first aid...

Is Sailing your Dream but you donít Own a Boat?
By Rosemary Jilderts        Let's take a look at your options - Cruising is a way of life that has been growing in popularity for decades now, but with the current world-wide economic situation many potential boat owners are changing their plans and putting off purchasing their own boats until the situation improves.  Although, of course, for anyone with a bit of spare cash, this is the ideal time to buy as sellers are dropping the prices of their vessels b...

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